Sunday, May 13, 2012

Graduation Day

I survived enjoyed two graduations this weekend, one for my eldest daughter who graduated from college and one from my second eldest who graduated from high school. For some reason the college graduation didn't affect me very much. The students for all intents and purposes were very successful. They had "made it". That wasn't how I felt after today's graduation.

In this class were many students that I knew personally, either because I taught them in school or because of church. While I felt some pride in their accomplishments, I realized that many of the students I was watching had few prospects for their future.

Traditionally less than 25% of the graduating class at my alma mater go on to post secondary schools of some sort. This means the average student in this class is finished with their education career. This to me is depressing enough, but today I had another thought. Some of these students are now leaving behind the only place where they have been safe, well fed, and emotionally cared for.

I have no idea what to do for these students, I am not sure anything can be done for them now (at least through the school.) What I do know is that the future many of these students face tomorrow is much less hopeful than it could/should be. They may see it as the beginning of their dreams, but for many it may be the beginning of the end of their dreams. Sometimes the "real world" sucks.