Thursday, May 23, 2013

Whispersync for Voice

 If you love to read, and by reading I mean reading or listening to books being read to you, hen you should know about Whispersync for Voice. The gist is if you own a Whispersync for Voice enabled ebook and audio book from they will sync up as you read through them. For example, if you read the ebook and get into the car and turn on the audio book, it will sync to where you stopped reading the ebook. It works really well and is a very nice perk, but it isn't what makes this such a great deal.

In the picture below you can see where the book The Name of the Wind is Whispersync for Voice ready. Notice the ebook is $8.99.

In the picture below you see the same book on where the price is now only $3.99 instead of the member price of $22.04. This means you can get both books for $13 which is quite the savings over just buying the audio book. 

Even more impressive is the price of A Tale of Two Cities below. I 'bought' the ebook for free on Amazon and can get the audio book for only $1! If you like audio books or use them in your classroom, you should definitely take a look at this promotion.