Monday, December 8, 2014

This Was Going to be a Top Ten Blog Post List....

Yes, I realize this isn't a top ten list but I don't really care. Who decided ten was the perfect number for a list anyway? Stephen Davis suggested I go through my blog and pick the ones I would like to list as a kind of 'best of' thing, so here it is.

Student Commenting: A Letter to Students One of the few posts I was hoping that teachers would share with their students. I am actually pretty proud of this one.

I Had Cancer Sharing personal stuff can be hard, or very rewarding.

Hard Questions 8 questions that purposefully pushed thinking.

More Thoughts on Blogging (With or Without Students) I get these ideas through observing students and adults through their writing. This is a thought dump about blogging.

Why Blogging Isn't Transformational for our Students Yet I argue that our expectations are a bit out of whack.

EdCampKC: A Rather Painful Reflection  Because "online connections are not a good enough replacement for the relationships we develop off line" is just as true today as when I wrote it.

Maybe This Is Why We Don't Share Our Failures This one still stings a lot.

That Time My Network Didn't Become Trolls There is a story behind this, be prepared to invest the time when you read it. It is definitely worth it.

I Hide My Disability I credit this post for helping me become more comfortable in public. I have also had a lot of conversations with others who have similar issues.

A Teacher's Manifesto Occasionally something we create takes on a life of its own. I still get comments about this post. It also happens to be very much a work in progress.

Maybe Your Progressive Teaching Ideas Are Not What's Best for All Your Students This seems to be a theme that has cropped up again in my thinking.

Bambie, Frankenweenie, and Storytelling Emotional experiences are incredible learning experiences.

Today I Lectured My Class I didn't choose this one because of the content, but rather because I was willing to share something I wasn't really that comfortable with. I am still not for that matter. 

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Quick Rant: Stop Complaining about Teaching Methods

Quick rant:
Quit speaking in absolutes about how any teaching method is bad. There are great worksheets, drill and kill lessons, and even valuable homework activities. When you talk in absolutes you immediately make teachers defensive. Instead of complaining about what you don't like, how about doing some real teaching and share what is working with your students. 

Saturday, December 6, 2014

It's a Quote, It's a Pic, It's a QuotePic!

So I have been seeing pictures with quotes in them on Twitter for a long time. I decided that it might be fun to make some of my own so I found a site called Quote Cover and made a few.