Friday, February 14, 2020

Why Conferences?

I just got back from METC, the Midwest Education Technology Community Conference, and have some thoughts running through my head. The one that keeps bugging me is the lack of professional blogging in the education community.

I know there are some really great education bloggers who have been writing for years and doing amazing things, but I see very little conversation around pushing for new edubloggers. Truthfully this hasn't been 'a thing' for several years but this year I noticed there was a lot of buzz around podcasting. Why podcasting and not blogging?

I remember coming back from edcamps and conferences and eagerly awaiting other attendees thoughts on their blogs, but I don't see any being shared anymore. I am curious as to why that is.

I know that I quit writing so much here when I stopped getting anyone to come and read, and more importantly to comment. I really felt like one of my students who was constantly writing but I knew that the only one who would read it (maybe!) was the teacher. Even then, the most I could hope for was a quick attaboy.

So, this gets me to my point. There are a myriad of reasons to go to an education conference, but one of the most important is to reflect on educational practices. I left METC with a strong desire to start student blogging again, it used to be an integral part of our classroom practice. Circumstances have made it more difficult, but that never stopped me from doing what I felt was important.

I am grateful for the time I spent talking and sharing with others at the conference, as I am after every conference. This time the thing I took away wasn't from a session, but from a conversation I had that made me realize I needed to go back and do something with my students that I used to do but quit. Something that was vital and useful, something that made a difference. 

Sunday, January 5, 2020


you are wrong to record your life as it happens to video and snap and live don't waste your time documenting be there in the moment at that moment revel dance joyfully in its presence you are wrong to record your life as it happens live it

Friday, January 3, 2020

Stop and Drop and Roll Away

They are driving me
to spend more time
and money
and attention
on entertainment
they keep doing things
that makes me mad
and irritates
and angers
me constantly
I can only handle so much
before I have to stop
and drop
and roll


December is bittersweet bitter memories of people passed sweet experiences with people present You have to take the bitter with the sweet or all that's left is bitter.


When I am gone Don't spend your time Thinking of me The cost is too high The past is past The present too valuable.

Blank Eyes

While blank eyes stare at me from across the room My poetry flows easier than their thoughts

Human Condition

The human condition will be the death of humanity Our inability to understand life outside our experience is so human We have so far to go yet we have so little ability to grow We can't see ourselves as valuable life forms What hope do new life forms have?

I Stood in the Snow

I stood in the snow and remembered sledding and snowballs and hot chocolate and cold, wet clothes and it is sad to think this part of my life has been over for so long I stood in the snow and remembered


The holidays are hard
now that my parents are goneand my grandparents Each year it seems I have one less placewhere I feel at home

Snow Day Sick Day

Snow Day Sick Day I am at home either way I don't understand I cannot say should I be glad or should I be mad? I am at home either way It sucks to be sick I really must say.