Friday, April 19, 2013

It Would Have Been More Fun If It Was Figuring Out a Trip for Us: Mr. C, What Is a Real World Scenario Part 2

The students finished figuring out the expenses to my baseball trip in July yesterday. Depending on the price of hotel and tickets it will cost between $1,000 an d$1,100 dollars for a three day trip. Apparently you need to be a major league baseball player to afford going to back to back to back games :(

After the students all shared their totals I asked them if they liked the activity. I had two very interesting responses from two different students. One student asked me if I liked the activity. I told them I really enjoyed their enthusiasm for the project. Another student then told me that she would have liked the assignment more if it had been a trip she wanted to go on. (This is what we in education circles call a teachable moment ;) So we immediately started making plans for a trip they will research.

I gave them some guidelines to help them:

  • The trip would be five days long. We picked a week in July so they wouldn't miss summer school :)
  • I told them they needed to budget $75 a day for food per person.
  • I also had them spend $50 a day on souvenirs. 
I learned a lot in just the first day:
  • Several students planned the trip around a real trip they are going to take later this year.
  • Many students wanted to plan the trip together so they could share the experience (although I don't know if they want to share the actual trip or just the planning.)
  • Most of my students have a very limited view of where they can go on vacation. I had to emphasize many times that they could go anywhere for those five days. Money was not an issue. Most still tried to find bargains with their hotels. 
  • Many of the students wanted to visit relatives that don't live nearby. Isn't that wonderful!
The reality is this has been a great way to get our minds off of test prep for a few days and get them engaged and rejuvenated for math. 

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