Sunday, June 15, 2014

I Admit It, I Am Biased. I Prefer Classroom Teacher Led Sessions

Taken at #EdCampKC in 2010
I admit it, I am biased. I can't help it. When I go to a conference I want to hear classroom teachers talk about tools they actually use in class.

I have attended so many sessions on new tools facilitated by those not in a classroom who have not used the tool they are showing with students. I often leave those sessions baffled by how/if I can use them in my class. Usually the potential for use is limited, if it can be used at all.

I often talk about how instruction/learning should determine the tools that are used. (Usually I prefer to let students choose their own tools when possible.) Honestly, aren't we better than 'Here is a new tool that I found that I have never used in class but it is so cool. Why don't you use it in your class and be my proof of concept?'

I have never presented at a conference and shown tools I have not used. I always share what worked for my students and what I felt didn't. My goal is to add value to the session by sharing my experiences, not just introduce a bunch of new things that the teachers might be able to find some use for. Is it too much for me to expect the facilitator for the sessions I attend do the same?

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  1. Hello Mr. Chamberlain. My name is Jamie Lyle and I am an Elementary Education major. I am also in Dr. Strange's EDM310 class at the University of South Alabama. I also believe that if someone is making a presentation on a new tool that can be used in the classroom, I would rather listen to it from someone who actually uses it. I would rather know the opinions of teachers who use it than from someone who does not. If a teacher actually uses it then they can give you examples of different ways to use it in the classroom instead of just explaining the tool in a general way. I personally feel that if the presenter actually uses the tool, then you will get more out of the session than someone just talking about it.