Monday, December 8, 2014

This Was Going to be a Top Ten Blog Post List....

Yes, I realize this isn't a top ten list but I don't really care. Who decided ten was the perfect number for a list anyway? Stephen Davis suggested I go through my blog and pick the ones I would like to list as a kind of 'best of' thing, so here it is.

Student Commenting: A Letter to Students One of the few posts I was hoping that teachers would share with their students. I am actually pretty proud of this one.

I Had Cancer Sharing personal stuff can be hard, or very rewarding.

Hard Questions 8 questions that purposefully pushed thinking.

More Thoughts on Blogging (With or Without Students) I get these ideas through observing students and adults through their writing. This is a thought dump about blogging.

Why Blogging Isn't Transformational for our Students Yet I argue that our expectations are a bit out of whack.

EdCampKC: A Rather Painful Reflection  Because "online connections are not a good enough replacement for the relationships we develop off line" is just as true today as when I wrote it.

Maybe This Is Why We Don't Share Our Failures This one still stings a lot.

That Time My Network Didn't Become Trolls There is a story behind this, be prepared to invest the time when you read it. It is definitely worth it.

I Hide My Disability I credit this post for helping me become more comfortable in public. I have also had a lot of conversations with others who have similar issues.

A Teacher's Manifesto Occasionally something we create takes on a life of its own. I still get comments about this post. It also happens to be very much a work in progress.

Maybe Your Progressive Teaching Ideas Are Not What's Best for All Your Students This seems to be a theme that has cropped up again in my thinking.

Bambie, Frankenweenie, and Storytelling Emotional experiences are incredible learning experiences.

Today I Lectured My Class I didn't choose this one because of the content, but rather because I was willing to share something I wasn't really that comfortable with. I am still not for that matter. 

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