Sunday, April 12, 2015

Break the Code of Silence (and Give a Public Pat on the Back)

I am not into the idea of personal branding for educators for a lot of reasons. What I am into is educators telling our stories and the stories of others. I love the opportunity to share what amazing things my kids do, and sometimes I share the struggles we have as well.

The truth is, some of our stories get shared by others. We don't have control over what others choose to share (and I think that may be a good thing.) That doesn't mean we abdicate our responsibility to share our stories, or the stories of others that need to be shared as well. 

Although many educators find awards distasteful, I argue that nominating educators who do good things is my way of giving them a public pat on the back. I share much of my life publicly, why shouldn't I share my appreciation publicly too? If you want to thank someone publicly, consider doing it with a Bammy nomination


  1. Hey Mr. Chamberlain, I like that you believe teachers shouldn't be ashamed to getting recognized for their work. I also feel like teachers should share what they go through in the classroom, because it could help a fellow teacher if they were going through the same situation. Also, highlighting students publicly is a wonderful things you're doing, might even give them the push to want to do better in your class! Overall good post and interesting read.

  2. Wow! Great read! I am so glad I was able to read this post. I was not able to watch the video because my computer did not support it, but I wish I could have watched it. This is so powerful. I agree that a pat on the back is necessary for great work. Thanks for such a great post.