Monday, December 28, 2015

Will Organizing My Day Fix My Lack of Motivation?

I often use this space to share self realizations.

I have often said I write when I can't not write. I have never written on a schedule. I have not, since my student days, had to write consistently with deadlines. I cringe at the very thought. This is why I have never written anything long outside of a class assignment. I don't want to commit that much time or mental capacity.

I have found myself having these same thoughts when it comes to other things in my life; teaching adjunct classes, moderating Twitter chats, even going to church. I find that the daily/weekly schedule has become more of a grind than something I like to do. This does not mean I don't enjoy doing things that are regularly done, it just means that I often dread the fact that I have to do them at that particular time.

I also have found that I am apt to sit in my chair at home and do very little except whatever flight of fancy crosses my mind. In short, I am not getting anything done, or what I am getting done isn't being done well. So, how do I solve this problem? Well, I discovered Bullet Journaling.

Bullet Journal Website

What I need to do to become more productive is to become more organized using a system that I will follow. I found bullet journaling through my learning about the Midori Traveller's Notebook system on Youtube. I enjoyed watching as others explain how they use the system to get organized. I also like the fact (actually I think I need this) that checking boxes gives me a sense of accomplishment. If I list things to do I am much more likely to do them!

So, how do I marry having trouble with being scheduled (and over scheduled) with creating a daily planning schedule? I don't know yet, but I am going to give it a try. What I am doing now doesn't work so any change is worth a chance. 

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