Sunday, October 30, 2011

How Blogging Rocks Our Students' World

I was selected by Heather Mathews to continue the #RockStarMeme. I am extremely honored that she selected me and am humbled by the nice things she said about me. The meme is supposed to have us explain how blogging has rocked our world, so here I go.

My original intent for a blog was something that I could use to showcase student work, show neat sites I wanted to share with them, have a place for them to do some self-directed learning. In effect, it was supposed to be centered around my students. It wasn't until a couple years later I started writing here.

What started out as a lark, has become something much more transformative for me and for some of my students. We are no longer bound to the small community we live in. We have exposure to virtually (see what I did there ;) the whole world. We have opportunities to share and grow with students and adults that have cultural differences, different religious beliefs, and different lifestyles.

I could go on and on about why blogging can and does change us, but I want to leave some room for the wonderful educators I tag.

@DrJohnHadley John has done amazing things with his college students at the University of South Alabama through blogging. I have been fortunate enough to spend some time with him and he is the real deal.

@DeputyMitchell  David has created an amazing project called Quadblogging that allows classes to partner up and share blogging and commenting. My only problem with it is I didn't come up with it myself :)

@mr_avery Shawn has been an excellent ambassador for children blogging and commenting. There have been many times he has recharges my batteries with his enthusiasm.

@NZWaikato  Myles is one of my earliest and best friends online. While many teachers have leveraged their classroom to become famous online teaching personalities, he just keeps his head down and continues to do excellent work with his students.

@IntrepidTeacher Jabiz has shown me through blogging that you can be open, honest, and engaging without being a caricature. He constantly challenges me with his insight, wisdom, and humbleness.

Award recipients, here's your challenge:
Since you have been awarded the meme, you  are supposed to write a post about how Blogging has Rocked your World then:
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