Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Reflection: What Events Led to the Writing of the Constitution?

Update Thursday: The kids muscled through the rest of the video. I have decided that next week we will do some hands on activities, even if it is outside of the district timeline. I want the opportunity to see them enjoy creating something, and that is exactly what we will do.

Have you ever tried to condense years of learning into one lesson? That is how I felt today (Tuesday). I am looking forward to students being able to discover information instead of having to feed it to them.


  • I explained my theory that all content area classes are actually foreign language classes and they need to emphasize vocabulary if they want to understand better what they are learning.
  • Students had a lesson on how to dissect information so they can better understand it.

  • Still too much talking by me.
  • It will be difficult to finish the video in the next class period if I continue to add information.
  • Third period is going to be a work in progress. Large classes and hungry kids make learning a bit more difficult. I will have to use different strategies for them than I probably will in the other classes.

The Second Continental Congress, after signing the Declaration of Independence, had to come up with some rules with which they could govern the colonies. They created the first constitution, the Articles of Confederation, which lasted through the winning of the American Revolution. Eventually its weaknesses were exposed and was replaced by the US Constitution.


Essential Question: What events led to the writing of the US Constitution?


  • How did Shay's Rebellion expose the weakness of the Articles of Confederation?
  • Who were the Federalists? Anti-Federalists?
  • Why did some of the Framers demand a 'Bill of Rights'? 


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