Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Lunch Project Day 4

Here are the observations that some of the students made after looking through yesterday's datum:

  • Francisco: Chicken patties are selected >80% each Wednesday
  • Jace: 'Brought' stayed between 5-10%;
  • Nicole: Salads range between 3-10%
  • Katlynn: Pizza are selected >80% Fridays
  • Brittney: When 2 popular items are on the menu, they have a really close percentage (nachos and chicken rings)
  • Juan: Salads are never more than 10%
  • Cheyenne: When it is Chicken Patty or Pizza, fewer salads are chosen
  • Julian: Chicken Patty and Pizza seem to be the most popular
  • Johann: Chicken Patty was 85% 3 weeks in a row
After discussing these observations the students began to work on finding mean, median, mode, and range for each lunch choice. 

Students asked a few questions about the food. They were interested in how the food was ordered, how they decided how much quantity to order, and other things like that. One of the students decided to ask someone in the kitchen to come and talk about this with us. Hopefully they will agree and come talk about it.

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