Tuesday, July 23, 2013

We Can't Solve the Nation's Education Problems, We Can Solve our Communities Education Problems

This post came about from reading David Stewart's post Where's the Passion? Please go read it for some context.

I often get frustrated by problems that are seemingly unsurmountable. I can't solve racism, misogyny, or bad eating habits. I applaud those that try or at least try to add to the discussion. I have found that my global and national reach are nonexistent, but I can have an impact in my community. 
The reality is, we don't need to fix the nation's public education system. We need to fix our local education systems. 
I believe that every school community is different and that no one (or two or three) solutions can be the best fit for all. We don't live in a small country with a very stable, heterogenous population (cough cough Finland) nor does my school have the same needs as the closest school five miles away. Just like individual students, individual schools have specific needs.

Besides, I have a vested interest in my school. That is where my students are. 

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