Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Why I Chose the Fitbit One (and What I Like About It)

My wife and I recently signed up to prepare for a 5K. I had been planning on using my summer mornings to start walking/jogging to start losing a little weight. (You know it is time to lose weight when your students poke you in the belly and attempt a Pillsbury Dough Boy giggle.) Of course this was the perfect excuse to buy a new toy.

I did some research into different distance trackers including the Nike Fuel Band (because I use the Nike Running app on my iPhone which I really like.) I chose the Fitbit One over the Fuel Band because the Fitbit app is also on Android, unlike the Nike Running app, which I will be moving back to if/when the Galaxy Note 3 comes out. I also like that I can look at the device and get more information than just a few lights like with the Fuel Band.

The Fitbit One measures steps, floors climbed, miles traveled, calories burned and even records your sleep movements if you wear it to bed. When I use it in conjunction with the Nike Running app on my phone the distance travelled on both devices are very close.

I live on a hill and walking up and down it replaces climbing stairs, just a few trips up and down the hill easily meets my basic goal for now. The sleep recording doesn't mean a lot, although according to the information I have viewed I sleep pretty consistently with an average wake up number of 12-15 times a night. I have no idea if that is good or bad.

A really nice bonus for me is the calorie tracker. The device keeps track of the amount of calories burned and if you use it in conjunction with app, either online or on a mobil device, you can keep track of the food you consume and see where you stand at any time with your calorie count. Since my goal is to lose weight, that really comes in handy.

If you are wondering about the durability of the Fitbit One, I can attest that it can survive a trip through the washing machine, at least 20 minutes in the wash cycle. I left my Fitbit in my shorts after running and my wife through them in the washer. Twenty minutes later I realized I had left it in my shorts. When I pulled it out it was wet and soap, but it was still working. I think water couldn't get into it because it was still in the rubber clip which seems to cover any of the cracks water might seep in through. I wouldn't suggest recreating this in your home, but it is good to know that if it gets wet it may not be the end of the device. 

I won't know if this purchase was the right one for a few more months. If I continue to use it and it continues to encourage me to get into shape and lose some weight it will be a definite success. If not, it will not be because of the device's shortcomings but because of my own. 

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