Friday, August 16, 2013

Hard Questions Part 2

1) Why is quitting considered to be bad? Is it better to waste your limited amount of time doing something you really don’t want to do? Should we give our students the right to quit?

2) Is ‘professional’ in PLN enough or do we need to make the p ‘personal’?

3) Should our lessons allow for students to dig as deep as they choose? Do we limit their curiosity by giving them too much guidance, by modeling too much?

4) What would we do if our students decided to not learn what we asked them too, but instead learned what they wanted to? What if we decided to teach what we wanted to and ignored the required curriculum? Is one more ok than the other?

5) Should competitive sports programs be taken out of public schools? Does every student benefit from those programs or is the benefit limited to the athletes? Are they a bigger distraction than they are worth?

The last Hard Questions post generated a lot of great conversations. This is something I am afraid we have gotten away from over the last few years. I decided I wanted to 'tag' a couple people to write their own Hard Questions post. Deven Black and John Spencer have accepted my request.

In the past these types of blog posts had rules, I prefer to give suggestions:

1) Share the link back with the person that originally tagged you so they can both comment and promote the conversation. The original tagger should post a link to the new posts on their original Hard Questions post.

2) Wait three or four days after post your questions before you tag your tweeps. This will allow more time for the conversation to take place before it moves on. (Yes I am breaking this 'rule'. I reserve the right to not do what I say should be done :P )

3) Get permission from the tweeps you tag before you tag them. This type of post isn't the easiest to write and there is the possibility that a question may cause less than professional commenting.

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