Friday, August 23, 2013

Powerful, Indelible, Perfect Memories from Music

Imagine two cars facing each other on a lonely road at night. They are separated by ten meters and two people, one boy and one girl. The headlights shine on the couple. The girl reaches up and takes the boys baseball hat, places it on her head and leans up for a kiss. In the background the radio is playing George Harrison's I Got My Mind (Set on You).

Every time I hear this song I am transported back to that time and place. I can still hear my friends yelling at me from the car to go. I still can feel the softness of her cheek on mine, the huge roundness of her eyes as she looked up at me. I wasn't in love with the girl then, but I am in love with the memory of that moment. Of all the memories I have made more powerful by the music playing in the background, this one is the most powerful, the most indelible, the most perfect.

I think of it every time I hear that song.

I got the hat back the next night but the moment had already passed. It was a perfect moment, not a perfect match. 


  1. What a special memory. I think we all have at least one. :-)

  2. The length of the story is never as important as the power of the words. This is lovely. I seriously got goosebumps as I read it. In just a few short words I felt like I was in that car yelling at you to go.

    I am in love with the memory of that moment. Those are the best kinds of memories. I know our minds have a tendency to change our memories into more of what we want to remember, but I never bothered much to care about that.

    Thank you for sharing this.