Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Classroom Hack: Bulldog Clips

So here is a little hack that I do in my classroom and hallway. One year I moved into a retiring teacher's room and she left me with an inordinate amount of bulldog clips. After thinking about what to do with them I came up with an idea, hot glue them to the wall. 

In the above picture, you can see I use the bulldog clip to keep the electric chord from lying on the floor. If you run a series of them six to eight inches above the floor they are much less likely to get accidentally knocked off by students shoes. 

In this picture, you can see the hallway wall outside of my classroom. Soon the clips will be holding student work. The clips will allow me to much more easily move work around or replace older work with new throughout the year. This is much better than taping or gluing the work directly.

Very rarely do the clips take paint with them when they are removed. In fact, I have had much more trouble removing things that have been directly hot glued to the walls than the bulldog clips. 

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