Sunday, August 9, 2015

Quotes in Pics

I have a love/hate relationship with quotes in pics. They can be a lot of fun and also send a pretty pointed message. I use which allows me to use my own pics.  

The strange thing is my Twitter feed seems to be inundated with the pics. They draw my attention (which can be good or bad), but they rarely lead to conversations. Basically, they act like billboards which is a one-way communication tool. That hardly meets the social aspect of social media. 

I guess I would argue that we should use them sparingly, and hopefully as part of a conversation we are having. One tweet stands are so empty. 


  1. You make a valid point about "quotepics." Your post made me realize that I don't pay too much attention to them on Twitter. I'm not sure why that is, but maybe I'll ask more questions when I see quotepics that interest me and see what happens. By the way, yours are hilarious. Did you create the "pithy quotes" one? That kid's expression is priceless.

    1. That was a slide from the meme site. I just added the words.

      I think at least half our time on sm should be spend having fun. Too much work makes me turn into a jerk. ;)