Saturday, August 8, 2015

Hard Questions 5: A New School Year Edition

This is the fifth set of hard questions. You can search my blog for the others using the search box on the right toolbar.

1) Do you spend more time the week school starts worrying about how your room looks or how you will create a learning climate?

2) Are you using last year's lesson plans? If so, have you changed them to be more effective?

3) Have you already created your first month's lesson plans? How can they be effective when you haven't even met your students?

4) During open house, will you make small talk to the parents or have conversations about the educational experiences you are going to create for your students?

5) Are you intentionally, thoughtfully setting up your rules/policies to maximize student learning or to make you day go by more smoothly?

6) Have you offered to lead a professional book chat or other informal professional learning opportunities for the teachers in your building or will you wait and see if anyone else picks up the slack?

Comments are always appreciated.

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  1. A useful check list for the beginning of the 2015-2016 school year.